Backend Developer in Bolt Billing(Commerce platform)

Bolt provide urban mobility services like car sharing, e-scooters, food delivery from restaurants and groceries. We operate in 25 countries and keep launching new countries every week. Billing is critical in handling of money flows between drivers, fleets, riders and restaurants by providing the Billing Platform to define invoices issuers, invoicing schema, performing taxation and fiscalization and supporting business clients. In Billing we have several teams evolving this platform.

Taxation and Fiscalization

Each country has their own rules regarding VAT tax which we pay. Tax team handles all the complexity of tax calculation, validation of VAT codes and creating tax reports. The team owns multiple integrations with 3rd parties to enable all of it. We plan to make some big-scale improvements in order to support a rapidly growing volume of invoices to fiscalize and countries to pay taxes in.

Billing Rides & Delivery Team

Billing Rides team is handling the money flows between our riders, drivers and Bolt itself. Billing delivery is doing the same for delivery customers, couriers and restaurants.  Mainly we take care of the invoice generation and we provide tax reports to our partners in a compliant way considering the regulations in the markets where we operate.  We work closely with the rides, payments and comms teams. Due to the rapid growth of our business we constantly need to explore the latest technologies and techniques in order to provide scalable and accurate solutions.

Billing Business

Alongside with regular clients, we also work for companies, which pay for their employees to ride taxis. We need to invoice and bill those companies as well, and this is what our team is doing. We generate hundreds of thousands of invoices every month, and that number is increasingly growing.

Billing Core

In order to provide those service efficiently and at scale it makes sense to have a core. This is the purpose of billing core team. We are building a highly scalable, micro services based distributed platform to provide PaaS capabilities to different Billing Verticals. This will help them to scale with time, expand to additional markets, and reduce time to launch for new features and businesses.

We work with Node.js and Typescript, build docker containers and deploy them to AWS EC2 machines. We also work with S3, SQS and Kafka. We value the quality of the software and cover the code with unit and integration tests. Our teams are young and energetic but a bit chaotic. We are working towards better practices to get a bit more order and transparency.

We also believe in learning, so we have both money and time budget for self-learning.  And we really like to share knowledge through meetups, discussions etc.

We also think that diversity and inclusion is a major factor of building great products. We welcome everybody who speaks English, got the relevant skills and wants to be a team player.  

Come work with us: You will get a chance to work on few of the most challenging problems related to abstraction, automation and scalability while building distributed systems that work at scale.

We are based in Tallinn, Wrocław, Kraków, Berlin and Amsterdam. We do relocate to those locations.

More formal job description is here. You can apply there or drop me a CV in telegram.