My name is Vladimir Ivanov and now let's find out who am I.

  • I am a Solution Architect at EPAM Systems, designing Software Systems for living.
  • I am a developer, passionate about Mobile technologies, Cloud platforms and System Design.
  • I am an author of React Native mentoring program inside EPAM.
  • I am a great fan of conferences: both preparing and participating.
  • I am a memeber of Program Commitee of Mobius Conf
  • I am a speaker of international conferenceses from Novosibirsk to La Coruna. All my talks You can see here.
  • I am a co-host of podcast "Mobile people Talk".
  • I am a guitar player.
  • I am dancing bachata (but only with my wife :) ).
  • I am playing lego, making something from railroad to fighter from Star wars with my little son.
  • Moreover, I can play sound of Star wars on garmonica.

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