Engineers frequently struggle to grow in their workplace or to land an impactful, high rewarding job.

The reason for this struggle is that they are focused on the technical part of the job. Technical skills are essential, but they are just tools to actually do what engineers are payed to: solve business problems through technology.

Engineers of different levels have different impact from a package or a single component to the entire solutions.

The higher your impact, the higher the position and your compensation.

Senior and Staff Engineers have the level of impact of systems and entire solutions. So they need to be able to design efficient systems.

Typical System Design course will teach you the skills, but there are few that link the skills to solving business problems. This course actually focuses on that. You won't just learn load balancing options or performance tactics: we will learn to recognise the business priorities and address them with technical approaches.

For whom?

This course will benefit the most:

  • Middle and Senior Engineers willing to have a holistic system design skill to grow into uppper positions
  • Engineering Managers willing to enhance their technical skills
  • Product Managers looking to better understand how the digital products are built


The course consists of 10 lectures, 10 intermediate home tasks and a final System Design task with live presentation. The entire course will take 12 weeks.

You will absolutely love the home tasks, as you are going to gather the requirements, make availability calculations, apply design patterns, draw diagrams and write RFCs. Thorough home task feedback is guaranteed!

The course starts on 3rd of May. 1 lecture per week. Language: English. Videocalls happen in Zoom.

What you will get

  • How to gather and prioritize business requirements
  • How to satisfy performance, availability, security and other requirements
  • How to make architecture decisions
  • How to document software architecture and solutions
  • How to calculate storage, network bandwidth, compute for your solution
  • How to have observability in the system

You will also get the video recordings.

How to enroll

Write me to twitter or telegram DMs. First group is 15 people max.

You can also send me an enquiry through the form on the consultation page. Include the "System Design Course" in the topic.


The course cost is €250. You can pay by Paypal or Wire transfer. Payment details by inquiry.

If you need an invoice for reimbursement, I will happy to provide one!