Architecture Weekly Issue #9. Articles, books, and playlists on architecture and related topics. Every record has the complexity indication: 🀟 means hardcore, πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ is technically applicable right away,  🍼 - introduction to the topic or an overview.


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Streaming Vitess at Bolt πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ

We already mentioned an article on Vitess used at YouTube. Bolt was using Vitess as well some time ago. They implemented streaming from the database cluster to Kafka for event driven architecture. Details - in the article.

Streaming Vitess at Bolt
How Bolt implemented Debezium Vitess Connector to stream data from Vitess to Kafka.

Culture of documentation 🍼

Writing docs can be boring, and its value is not evident to the developers. However, good documentation is crucial for onboarding new people and making proper decisions. The article describes how Google, Twitter, and Spotify changed their approaches to documentation. In short: remove friction and move documentation closer to code.

How Google, Twitter, and Spotify built a culture of documentation
No matter how advanced your tooling is, your documentation efforts will fail if you don’t foster a culture of documentation.