Architecture Weekly Issue #7. Articles, books and playlists on architecture and related topics. Every record has the complexity indication: 🤟 means hardcore, 👷‍♂️ is technically applicable right away,  🍼 - introduction to the topic or an overview.


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Modeling Uncertainty with Reactive DDD 👷‍♂️

Vaughn describes the principles which should be followed if you're trying to design a reliable system using microservices with Domain-Driven Design in a reactive approach. Common language, handling errors, thinking about uncertainty in business level should do the trick.

Modeling Uncertainty with Reactive DDD
Vaughn Vernon has written several books on DDD and reactive messaging patterns, and has found that the nature of distributed systems means you must deal with uncertainty. How to respond to a missing message, or a message that is received twice, should be a business decision, and therefore must be pa…

Introduction to architecting systems for scale 🍼

A short description of patterns one can use to prepare the system under design for scale. Different types of load balancers, Caching, Content Distribution, Offline processing in the article.

Introduction to architecting systems for scale.
Designing a system which scales to a high number of requests isn’t critical for most applications, but you’ll never know that it was important until after the fact, so it’s worth putting some thought into ensuring your architecture can grow with your success.