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Understanding database indexes in PostgreSQL 🤟

You have definitely heard about indexes in databases - they make our queries fast. But how exactly? What different types of indexes are out there? What are the ones supported by your database engine? Find out a detailed piece on indexes in PostrgreSQL with nice illustrations insde.

Understanding database Indexes in PostgreSQL
Understand SQL indexes, organize your knowledge, and memorize good practices regarding performance optimization in PostgreSQL.

#db #index #performanse

Container Loading in AWS Lambda 🤟

This week a new paper has been published on the long-awaited container support for AWS Lambda. In this article Marc Brooker dissect this paper and explains the biggest problem with supporting containers: performance. One of the tactics for performance is caching, but in case of containers it can become tricky. Follow the article to know about how much unique bytes a typical container has :)  

Container Loading in AWS Lambda - Marc’s Blog

#paper #aws #serverless

The State of Frontend 2022 🍼

It's always interesting to see the surveys on the parts of the IT industry. This time I am happy to share the State of Frontend Report which covers tons of topics from developer's work conditions to frameworks, static-site generators, hosting, micro-frontends and the future of Frontend itself. Nicely built report inside.  

The State of Frontend 2022
Based on surveys filled in by 3073 developers from 125 countries, the State of Frontend 2022 is supported by 19 expert commentaries about frontend trends and the future.

#frontend #report


Apache Flink is a robust stream processing framework used at Airbnb or Uber. Aurimas Griciūnas posted a long read on the internal structure of Apache Flink so that you can know what is a Flink Program, what's the difference between JobManager and TaskManager and how to get it all going in HA mode.

SAI Notes #03: Apache Flink - Architecture.
Let’s take a closer look into internals of Apache Flink.


How to manage your technical backlog 👷‍♂️

Technical debt is probably the second thing a developer knows after "Hello, world!" as starts right at the same moment. Despite having millions of articles and books on refactoring, the architecture or say manager perspective is rarely presented. Fixing it now with the article by Darío Rodrīguez on managing technical debt including cost-benefit analysis and other tactics.

How to manage your technical backlog
Are you tired of technical debt? You can get rid of it by mastering the technical backlog to manage technical tasks like a pro.

#quality #process

Scaling Salt for Remote Execution to support LinkedIn Infra Growth 👷‍♂️

LinkedIn is changing infrastructure using the opensource Salt engine. But there are different ways how you can run it. At some point they realized their current setup didn't scale well, so they decided to change the architecture slightly to unleash the full power of the instrument. Grab a case study inside!

Scaling Salt for Remote Execution to support LinkedIn Infra growth
At LinkedIn, site engineers like to automate operational tasks at various infrastructure layers to minimize manual interventions, which can scale well and be easy to operate. Certain automations are performed via onDemand job executions.

#casestudy #architecture

How to Architect Android Apps 👷‍♂️

I remember the times when there was no such thing as a Mobile Application Architecture - you would just put some code right into your UI Controller, make a couple of swear words on the network operations on main thread and you're done. Modern mobile applications are enormous with millions of LOCs, and you need a good architecture for them. Grab an article with Android application architecture, principles and a comparison of modern Google approach with good old Clean Architecture.

How to architect Android apps: a deep dive into principles, not rules
Here’s a scenario that’s recognisable to most Android developers… You are tasked with adding a simple feature to an app, but doing so…

#architecture #mobile

ChatGPT already knows 🍼

Uwe Friedrechsen dropped another series on the so discussed ChatGPT and if the chatbot will replace professional programmers. We really do not want it to happen(and I even recorded an episode on the topic), but Uwe is not that optimistic. And the simple reason is that you learn at a very limited speed... and ChatGPT learns instantly. Think about it!

ChatGPT already knows - Part 1
Disrupting the role of the software engineer


CNCF Platforms White Paper 🍼

And another time - about platform engineering. Cloud Native Computing Foundation published a whitepaper on the platforms, explaining why they are important in today's computing world, what exactly we should call a platform and what are the biggest challenges of them.

CNCF Platforms White Paper
This paper intends to support enterprise leaders, enterprise architects and platform team leaders to advocate for, investigate and plan internal platforms for cloud computing. We believe platforms significantly impact enterprises’ actual value streams, but only indirectly, so leadership consensus an…

#platform #cloud