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Platform Engineering Teams Done Right 👷‍♂️

Platform Engineering term is on hype now due to the popularity of Team Topologies and overall discussion on how to apply DevOps practices in a right way. Adrian Cockcroft is sharing his ideas about the principles you should build the Platform Teams. And the plural here is no wonder, as it appears you should have several platform teams covering different layers of a platform - and it's no wonder - due to the level of complexity we now have. Find a great article and example of organization structuring in the end of the article.

Platform Engineering Teams Done Right…
There’s been a lot of discussion about platforms recently, I talked about why I think it’s a current hot meme on the WTF Podcast with…

#platform #devops

Design Considerations for High Throughput Cloud Native Relational Database 🤟

Amazon Aurora is built with an idea of separation compute from storage for the resilience. The way how they commit data in multinode system is through redo log associated witha a database. The paper describes how the Network IO looks like in Aurora, how the traffic goes through it's nodes and finally shares the learning from building a complex cloud based database system.

#aws #cloud #aurora #database

Ongoing Security: a step-by-step guide to a secure app development process 👷‍♂️

Some companies think that they can add security as some step in the CI/CD pipeline, but that obviously does not work. Security impacts the application architecture, the threats have significant impact on the data formats and protocols and many other reasons. This week I published the article explaining those and providing receipts what to do at every step of the development lifecycle. This is also just a first article in the series, so make sure to subscribe!

Ongoing Security: a step-by-step guide to a secure app development process
Mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. We communicate with one another, entertain ourselves, bank, and shop with a few swipes and strokes of our fingertips. That’s why securing these devices and the apps we use is so important. But this importance doesn’t always

#security #ongoingsecurity #mobile


Design Considerations fpr Platform Engineering Teams 🍼

Following up the topic of Platform Teams, please find an article on the teams that might together represent the platform. Platform User Interface, Infrastructure, Services, Support and others inside.

Architecture and Design Considerations for Platform Engineering Teams
What exactly is a platform? Is it an internal developer platform, a developer self-service portal or simply a developer onboarding tool?

#platform #bestpractices #teams

ACID Transactions for Cassandra 👷‍♂️

Cassandra is having lightweight transactions since 2013, but they are not enough as the users would like ot have the performant commits across data centers. Now it becomes available with the new breakthrough called Accord. Now they promise to guarantee an isolation for the transactions through a concensus reached in a single roundtrip. Follow the post for the details.

ACID Transactions Are Coming To Apache Cassandra: Here’s Why We’re Excited | HackerNoon
An extraordinary computer science breakthrough called Accord is bringing globally available, general-purpose ACID transactions to the next Cassandra release

#databases #distributedsystem #cassandra

Sustainability Cloud Native Way 🍼

Energy consumption can be one of the quality attributes due to the regulations or just because electricity is expensive. RedHat suggests a solution to monitor the power consumption of Kubernetes workloads. Read more inside.

Sustainability, the cloud native way
Sustainability has gained tremendous mindshare across the world. Energy conservation and CO2 emissions reductions are among the key initiatives for environmental sustainability. Since data centers contributed to as much as 1% global electricity usage there is a meaningful impact in optimizing power…

#cloudnative #cloud #sustainability

Secure AWS Organizations with Service Control policies 👷‍♂️

When you start a new account in AWS, you start with the root account which in turns creates the first admin account. But what do you do next? How do you separate dev and prod environment? How do you manage the user permissions? Find the article exactly about that.

Secure AWS Organizations with Service Control policies
Author: Frank Heilmann

#aws #security #cloud

Big Ball of Mud 🍼

The phenomena of big ball of mud is known to everyone: tons of global state, everything talks to everything else, no tests, unmantainable etc. Typically the solution is to impose a design from some kind of an architect and rewrite the whole thing, but it rarely works well, and the question is how to avoid the bbom in the first place. Find a nice article which tries to analyze how we end up with such systems and what to do to make better systems.

Big Ball of Mud
While much attention has been focused on high-level software architectural patterns,what is, in effect, the de-facto standard software architecture is seldom discussed. Thispaper examines the most frequently deployed architecture: the BIG BALL OF MUD


The Ultimate Guide to Software Architecture Documentation 🍼

And the last one of today is about documenting software architecture. We highlighted the topic many times, and I found a good piece again. They cover the goals of documentation and the reasons why having just code is not enough, like the code won't tell you the non-functional requirements ever. So grab a 12-minute read!

The Ultimate Guide To Software Architecture Documentation
This guide shows you how to write, structure, visualize and manage software architecture documentation in a lean way using appropriate documentation tools.

And before you go, next week I am interviewing Magda Miu about what an Engineering Manager should know about Software Architecture, so don't forget to join the stream!

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