Architecture Weekly Issue #113. Articles, books, and playlists on architecture and related topics. Split by sections, highlighted with complexity: 🤟 means hardcore, 👷‍♂️ is technically applicable right away,  🍼 - is an introduction to the topic or an overview. Now in telegram and Substack as well.


ThoughtWorks Tech Radar April 2024 👷‍♂️

New issue of the well known tech radar inbound. Interesting highlights include the focus on the usage of LLMs for various aspects like adoption in Customer Support, Code Writing, Hold on the Broad Integration Tests, and Assess on Zig.

Technology Radar | An opinionated guide to today’s technology landscape | Thoughtworks
The Technology Radar is an opinionated guide to today’s technology landscape. Read the latest here.


Text To Diagrams Tools 🍼

I am a big fan of diagrams as code. I personally thought there was like 3 or 4 tools, but it appears there is a whole collection of tools for different purposes like sequence diagrams, database modelling, classes diagrams and many more. Find a huge list inside.

From Text to Models: A Comprehensive Guide to Textual Modeling and Diagrams as Code Tools in 2024
Sometimes the easiest way to draw a model is to “write” it down. These tools will render nicely looking UML diagrams from a few lines of text.


9 Proven Poor Ways to Select a Cloud Provider 👷‍♂️

Finally you decided to move off premise to a cloud. How do you pick one? Do you consider the unit cost? The technology available? Quality of the support? Gregor Hohpe elaborates on the ways you definitely should not follow as a strategy to pick a cloud provider, because they are promising, but actually misleading. Find them in the post.

9 Proven Poor Ways to Select a Cloud Provider
Cloud is different, so picking a provider also is.



Quality Attribute Tactics 🍼

If you read Software Architecture in Practice, then this post might sound familiar. But if you haven't, this post will give you introduce you to the way of how architects think when coming up with the tactics to address performance, security, availability and reliability requirements.

Quality Attribute Tactics: Strategies for Building More Robust and Efficient Systems
Quality attributes tactics are strategies and techniques that are used to improve the quality of a software system. Quality attributes…

#requirements #architecture #tactics

Making CRDTs 98% More Efficient 🤟

Some issues ago I shared an article about building CRDTs. Now it's time to share an update where the original author is exploring how to make it more performant. Simulators and fun included!

Making CRDTs 98% More Efficient |
State-based CRDTs grow monotonically, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be efficient. We’ll learn how to compress the pixel editor state by 98%.

#distributedsystems #performance

Reddit Consolidated Metadata Storage 👷‍♂️

Post on Reddit... about Reddit! They consolidated their metadata storage into a new architecture using AWS Aurora Postgres instead of Apache Cassandra, which is kinda surpising to me. Previously, the company sourced media metadata from various systems, including directly from AWS S3. The new solution simplifies media metadata retrieval and handles 100k+ requests per second with latency below 5ms (p90)

The Reddit Media Metadata Store
by u/sassyshalimar in RedditEng

#db #distributedsystems #casestudy

AS2 vs SFTP - what's the difference?  🍼

Understanding the protocols is crucial for software design. I knew about SFTP, but never heard about AS2, which apparently is widely used in B2B. Find a post comparing the security features of said protocols!

AS2 vs SFTP—What’s the difference?
AS2, used for direct B2B exchanges like EDI over HTTP/S, emphasizes encryption, authentication, and non-repudiation with MDN receipts. SFTP, functioning over SSH, provides a secure method for broader file transfer needs, focusing on encryption, two-factor authentication, and integrity without inhere…

#security #protocols

What does a Solution Architect do? 🍼

I personally have a series of posts about the profession of a Solutions Architect. But take other perspectives as well. Cleverroad, a service company, have their own vision on the responsibilities of an SA. Check it out inside!

What Does a Solutions Architect Do? Roles and Responsibilities
Solution architect role description: responsibilities of IT solution architect, what skills they require, certifications, and when you need one for your project.



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