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The Cost Crisis in Observability Tooling 🍼

If observability is based on the metrics, logs and traces you will have to pay per each metric and per every GB if logs. And you will require some slightly different information for APM, for behavioral analytics and other purposes, which will cost you several times. The observability 2.0 based on the structured logs is solving this problem as it is based on a single source of truth for every observability aspect. Charity Majors explains the details in this piece on HoneyComb blog.

The Cost Crisis in Observability Tooling
In this post, Charity goes over metrics and logs, and how to get the most value out of your tooling as possible with rising vendor costs.

#observability #cost

How moving from AWS to Bare-Metal saved us $230,000 /yr 🍼

I enjoy the stories when people understand well their cost structure and can evaluate alternatives. OneUptime is sharing their story how relying on solely OpenSource technologies allowed them to stay vendor-lock free even being hosted on AWS to then switch to bare metal when it was required. Frugality, as we like it.

How moving from AWS to Bare-Metal saved us $230,000 /yr.
In the ever-evolving world of technology, businesses are constantly looking for ways to optimize their operations and reduce costs. One such journey we embarked on was moving our infrastructure from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to a bare-metal solution. This transition not only provided us with more co…

#frugality #aws #cost

Fault-Tolerant Replication with Pull-Based Consensus in MongoDB  🤟

Raft utilises the push system, when a node push the updates down to other nodes. In MongoDB state-machine-replication(SMR) there is a difference: the secondary nodes can pull the updates from the other servers, and not necessarily from the primaries. Find out the consequences for the fault tolerance and correctness in the paper review by Murat!

Fault-Tolerant Replication with Pull-Based Consensus in MongoDB
This paper, from NSDI 2021, presents the design and implementation of strongly consistent replication in MongoDB using a consensus protocol...



What does a Platform Engineer do? 🍼

Last time we shared an article about what Platform Engineering is. It's time to figure out what do they do. In this article you will find the responsibilities, required skills and the evolving role of platform engineers in building the internal developers platform for great Developer Experience.

Empowering platform engineers: a comprehensive guide to advanced DevOps practices
Member post by Abhilash A, Product Marketing at Ozone Today, Platform engineers find themselves at the forefront of transformative changes, steering the ship toward cloud-first and Kubernetes-centric…


Everything I Know about SSDs 2019 🤟

As Aleksey Shipilëv depicted long time ago, hardware problems can look like software bugs. So the better we understand the lower levels, the better our ability to build great software. So, let's talk SSDs - in this post.

Everything I Know About SSDs 2019


Cell-Based Architecture and Data Transfer Cost at DoorDash 👷‍♂️

In the last issue we included the article about slashing data transfer cost by 99%. DoorDash explored the similar problem, but it's different as the cost comes from the services talking to each other. They introduced AZ-aware routing making the pods only speaking with the pods in the same AZ, which solved the issue. Find the diagrams and explanations in DoorDash engineering blog.

Staying in the Zone: How DoorDash used a service mesh to manage data transfer, reducing hops and cloud spend - DoorDash Engineering Blog
Learn how DoorDash’s engineering teams use a service mesh to realize data transfer cost savings without sacrificing service quality.

#network #cost #casestudy

Forget efficiency 🍼

Uwe Friedrichsen wrote another article on the attitude to the optimizations. It makes where little sense to optimize the thing which does not move you as a company towards a chosen target. Some philosophy on the topic inside.

Forget efficiency
Why efficiency is pointless without effectiveness


How(and how not to) design REST APIs 👷‍♂️

Yeah, GrpahQL, gRPC and other cool tech emerged, but REST API is still a backbone of the internet. However, it does not mandate good practices. No worries, as Jeff Schnitzer formulated several rules which help building well-defined, evolvable APIs. Find it in his blog on github.

How to (and how not to) design REST APIs
Jeff Schnitzer’s Blog. Contribute to stickfigure/blog development by creating an account on GitHub.


How to extact change data events from MySQL to Kafka using Debezium 👷‍♂️

And the last one for today is a practical example how to get your CDC running from MySQL to Kafka using Debezium in several simple steps. Enjoy a post from Vlad Mihalcea!

How to extract change data events from MySQL to Kafka using Debezium - Vlad Mihalcea
Learn how to extract CDC (Change Data Capture) events from the MySQL Binary Log using Debezium and pushing them to Apache Kafka.

#cdc #kafka


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